Vise Ironclad

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Stainless Pipe Clamps Alongside With an Wonderful Tripod Vise

A single company gives really innovative pipe clamps along with the most productive tripod vise I have ever seen for fitting and welding stainless steel pipe.The old university Red Tripod Vises we have all utilised for several years are alright for screw pipe but for tack welding fittings on pipe, they are pretty a lot awkward at greatest. I suggest how precisely are you intended to hold a ninety elbow with one particular hand, a tig torch in the other hand, and a filler rod in the other hand?That's 3 arms! Count em Sonny Jim.Instead of a chain vise with jaws that can dig into polished stainless pipe, This innovative "Tripod Vise" presented by TechSouth Inc. functions a clamping device in fact created for fitting with each other stainless pipe and fittings with jaw marks and with no contamination from iron particles that can result in rust to display up later on.And one person only has two palms. Appropriate? But two hands are a lot more than ample for one particular person to match, tack, and weld stainless metal pipe with this distinctive tripod vise. Its truly known as the "Clark Swift Change - Industrial Folding Platform."The expression "tripod vise" just does not do it justice. It is in a course by alone.Of training course this tripod vise will work with any materials sort but considering that it is manufactured from materials that won't contaminate stainless steel pipe and fittings with iron particles.TechSouth Inc. also offers many other progressive merchandise for welding and fitting and welding of stainless steel tubing and pipe.Stainless steel pipe welding is gravy work. Often has been. Often will be.If you can do it and do it properly, you are the male and you will in no way go hungry. But it requires some interest to detail to do it proper.The main issue that separates the males from the boys or need to I say, the genuine welders from the rod burners is the willingness to comply with methods for welding stainless metal. Methods like waiting for the pipe to cool in amongst passes, maintaining the very hot suggestion of the rod shielded with argon, snipping the suggestion of the tig welding rod when it will get crapped up, keeping your tungsten sharp.One particular of the principal methods I am speaking about is PURGE.&nbspStainless metal absolutely has to be purged with argon gasoline in purchase to stop sugaring. Sugaring is also named granulation but it is serious oxidation no issue what you get in touch with it.You cant even get absent with tack welding without having an argon purge that shield the back again facet or inside of of the pipe. So how do you do it? How do you safeguard the again side with argon?Generally it is done with aluminum duct tape. The ends of a stainless steel pipe are taped shut and the total inside of is purged with argon gas. Even the opening in the pipe joint itself is taped so that argon can fill the whole pipe and push out any oxygen. The tape is peeled again just sufficient to get a tack once the pipe is purge sufficient.What is ample? The only way to tell for certain is with an oxygen analyzer. A bic lighter will not do the trick.

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