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How to Easily Find Victor's House in Venetica

Venetica is a popular game! And the new game of Venetica will be released on January 11, 2011. Most players are very interested in this new game! And in this game, most players want to find the Victor's house to find Victor's diary to complete the quest in Venetica. Follow the
Venetica Walkthrough
which can help you easily find the Victor's house.

Tips 1: Find Victor's House in Venetica

Enter Outher city from the Inner City gates. You'll reach a small square with the Night Watch guild door at your right, some stairs leading to the backstreets in front of you and a bridge to your left that leads to the amphitheater.
Victor's house is the door right next to the bridge leading to the amphitheater.

Tips 2: Find Victor's House in Venetica

Have you been inside the HO of "Net of the Mask Guild" when the leader chick locks the door when Aeris goes in and leaves you out side ? You then go into sprit mode and find the secret portal to get in . You then speak to the leader chick and she gives you the key to Victor's house in Venetica!

Tips 3: Find Victor's House in Venetica

Outer city just across from the entrance to innder city. not the one guild house but just across from it still on ground level. when you enter it the loading screen says "abandoned house". The abandoned house(Victor's House) near the Nightwatch Guild house and the book is in the basement.

Here I can only give you these tips to help you find the Victor's house in Venetica. And maybe you will meet Runtime Errors when you play the game, the
Venetica Runtime Errors Fixing Guide
will give you the help! Enjoy!

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