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How to create an object array of localStorage in javascript?

I have to make a random key which I did and get id tags from my html file, which I did but when I check it on web inspector it doesn't work.
function saveInformation(){
var id = Math.floor(Math.random()*100000001);
var info = {};
info.major = ["Major Choice", idTag("majorChoice").value];
info.cName = ["Course Name", idTag("courseName").value];
info.cSection = ["Course Section", idTag('courseSection').value];
info.topicAndSec = ["Topic and Section", idTag('topicAndSection').value];
info.todaysDate = ["Today's Date", idTag('todaysDate').value];
info.dueDate = ["Due Date", idTag('dueDate').value];
info.option = ["Turn In Option", optionValue];
info.note = ["Note Section", idTag('add').value];
localStorage.setItem(id, JSON.stringify(info));
alert("Assignment Saved!!");


here is the guide of how to do so...

Good luck!

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