Utility Wire

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what legal action can be taken?

My mom rented a room from a couple. While living there she purchased a storage building. When she moved the home owner insisted that she leave it until the ground was dry enough for it to be moved. She also said to call before coming to get it because the gates would be locked. Several weeks have passed and now the building has disappeared. The homeowner's say they don't know what happened to it. They have no idea what happened to a building sitting about 20 ft from their front door. They claim that they thought my mom got it and that some utility wires were damaged and their own building was damaged when it was moved.But decided not to phone her to complain about that. They say they were just glad she got her property! What legal action can be taken against the homeowners?
perhaps, someone with an law background could respond?

she can definitely call the police and report the theft. she could also talk to the homeowners and maybe get a laywer to sue them if she really needs that storage building. depending on how important that storage thing is to her, depends on what she needs/should/could do.
hope that helps :)

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