Super Widefield

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii

There are a few decent games on the Wii, but you'd be lucky to find one that caresses your 'joy nodes' quite as much as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This port of the original 2D title on the DS - all the running, jumping, collecting coins and avoiding Goomba's - is a stellar revisiting of our hero's glory days, and a fabulous retrospective to top-notch 2D platforming for those who grew up with a plumber in three dimensions. Straight to the point - there is little new here that has not been experienced on the DS' version of the game, except for one small, yet large, addition: four player co-op with Mario, Luigi and two Toads. Bright and colorful slippery ice and scary castle stages all present different obstacles that had some players excelling in one stage and letting the team down in others. Though the overall goal is to work as a team to reach the flag at the end of the stage, you will be hard pressed to not leave slowpoke partners behind and kill them off. All this Contra style sadism brought back fond memories of playing Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The sadistic laughter from slaughtering your comrades definitely raises the bar in the fun department. Bubbles with the deceased characters float their way back into the playing area waiting for one of the characters to pop the bubble, continuing the mayhem. The only problem we encountered was that there was a slight delay (or freeze) loading the character once the bubble had been popped, but that is just being petty and should be fixed by the time the final product launches in retail stores. This isn't a gaming revolution, but it is nevertheless brilliant fun, and demonstrates wonderfully that you don't always have to re-invent the wheel if you want to create a magnificent game. Some might be a little disappointed at the familiarity of it all, but that aside, the preview code was just tremendous fun. We cannot contain our excitement. The Mushroom Kingdom is looking very enticing. For all your Discount Computer Parts, Games and Notebook requirements visit us at and

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