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what size piston ring do i need?

i have a 1995 xr100r my rings gone bad n need new ones but do not no what size . the engine is stock no upgrades n im looking for the cheapest rings(if found some one was 53.50mm another 57 n 58 ) so now im confused what do i get..

The correct way to go about this is to measure the skirt of the piston *at right angles to the wrist pin. Use a dial bore gauge, measure the cylinder diameter. Subtract the piston diameter from the cylinder measurement to get skirt clearance. The manufacturer of the engine will know what this clearance should be.

Ring end gap is simple. Slide the ring down in the cylinder using the top of the piston. Measure ring end gap with feeler gages. If the rings are too tight engine shops have ring end gap grinders. The manufacturer of the engine will know what the ring end gap should be also.

Small engines very often have .003, .005 & .010 over pistons & rings if the skirt clearance is too loose. A Sunnen honing machine is used to attain cylinder straightness and open up the bore to fit the new pistons with adequate skirt clearance. Any engine rebuilding shop can do this for you.

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