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All black velvet VS. Interchangeable strips Helmet?

I got a new black velvet helmet for christmas and it doesn't fit well and i am going to return it. I can't decided on what helmet to go with. I'd like to use it for schooling and showing.

What would look the best in the show ring? I'll probably be doing some form of jumping, hunter/jumper and jumpers. I might do some flat classes also. Probably not dressage, but you never know. Do you think I should get a all black velvet helmet, or the ones like this:

Welllll, The ones withe the pretty changable strips are so cool, but hunters have problems with colors, they like everything to be traditional (which there's nothing wrong with that, but its so boring, would the world really end if my horse had a black saddle?) So if you are thinking seriously about hunters and/or dressage, then go with the black velvet. If you are leaning more towards show jumpers or eventing, go with the changeable strips one.
But I guess if they have one with a black strip taht would be fine. Hmmm
Yeah, I guess I'd pick the changeable strip one, its cooler for schooling and it would be alright for hunters. I don't think they'd judge you down for your helmet.

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