Storm Helmet

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Identifying War Veterans Through Helmets?

Alright here's the deal. At an airshow a few years back I bought a "replica" of a desert storm helmet. Problem was it wasn't replica, it was used. Even has the sweat stains. So curiosity has finally taken over, and I'm determined to find out who this guy was. Inside of the helmet is the name "Musgrave" and the number 741. Does anyone know how I might be able to find out who this guy was or is?

Sweat bands are marked with the full name and SSN of the wearer..... If all you have is "Musgrave 741".....I doubt it was the property of an actual serviceman....

My opinion..... Only other option I can suggest is go to the historical sites and look for a possible "741' unit.....( I doubt it is a SSN.....we use the last four not just three)..... once you narrow it down to one or two possible units..... you can write letters to those unit historical associations / museums.... they often maintain unit rosters...... you can also write department of the army and obtain unit rosters for specific units at specific times..... you will need a reason more valid than "couriosity"......try rsearch for PTSD claim etc

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