Stainless Bearing

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I have a stainless steel base that has an undersized bearing journal.?

Can I build this up with hard bearing quality material or should I sleeve it with a 303 stainless steel sleeve. The sleeve is slightly more expensive ($16 more).
A "base" as I call it is a shaft, with stub ends (two steps per side). The material of this shaft is stainless steel, which of course is non-magnetic. My thought is it is better to return the bearing journal to it's original dimensioning and geometric tolerancing using the same material. If I build it up with hard bearing quality material it won't be and I'm not sure if there's any particular reason for the stainless steel in the first place, other than rust/corrosion issues.

I'm not sure what a "base" is that you refer to so I can't address your exact situation. If it is a journal bearing in the usual sense then I can tell you that stainless is a poor choice. One of the worst materials for a bearing due to its gauling characteristcs. If you can use hard bronze or even oilite it would be better.
ah ok . Seems there is no good reason for the stainless bearing and shaft. That would only be used in food processing machines and possibly in some instruments that cannot have anything magnetic nearby. Stainless is an expensive and poor solution so I dont know what the makers had in mind.

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