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Is this a good starter Drum Kit?

Well I have been to many music stores and I came up with one drumset. I am a starter at drumming I have 4 years of other musical instruments though (trumpet) so can you guys tell me if this is a good starter set? It is worth $350 so is this a good deal? Is DDrums a good brand most of all?

DDrums Model D2

Complete Drum Set
Ready to Play Out-of-the-Box!

Cymbals, Throne, Hardware and
Package Included

Self-Muffling Bass Drum Heads

Includes Pro Ddrum StickBag and 6-pair of Ddrum Stix


- 9-Ply Mahogany Shells
- Chain Drive Pedal
- Matching Wood Snaredrum
- Geared/Locking Double-Braced Hardware
- Double-Braced Throne
- Hand-Made 14" Hi-Hats and 17" Crash/Ride
- Telescoping Bass Drum Spurs
- Power/Fusion Toms
- "Players" Configuration


That's a good starter drum set. Depends on what you want tho if you want to stick with playing drum spend a few 100 more and buy a really nice pearl set or something. But if you just wanta learn drums and kidna mess around on them then you should get something like this.

Hope that helped.

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