Spindle Way

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Appointment letter from NETCO Is it genuine or a hoax?

I have recieved an appoitment order form the NATIONAL ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL COMPANY (NETCO) London-England, and I have been directed to contact Mr. Paul Rowsell (Director) Mr. Paul Rowsell (Director)
United Kingdom Bureau of consular affairs.
4 Mill Court, Spindle Way,Crawley
West Sussex, RH10 1TT
United Kingdom
E-mail : uk.bca@representative.com,
Tel: +447024084198, +447024039986.
Fax: +44 (0) 1293 553566
Mr. Owen smith, Netco Official recruiter sent me the appointment letter, 318-320 Regents park road, London N3 2LN Phone: +447024037954
Email: infomation@netcoengineering.org.
Website: www.netcoengineering.org sent the order. Is it fake or genuine. Is there any company in London in the name of National Engineering & Technical company London- England.
If thereis any body who knows this company please advise.

Do not contact this person. There is no such company either Limited or Unlimited in the UK. The post code is correct but there are several multi occupation offices there and it is quite a long way from London. London telephone numbers begin with "0207" - "0702" and "0704" numbers are personal numbers which transfer all over the world and cost you at premium rates. The www.netcoengineering.org domain exists but appears to be associated with Ghana and does not look like a real company - the phraseology on the website is not quite real. The domain name www.representative.com looks even less real. Why does the UK representative on the first site have a different name from this person who does not use their e-mail address.

It is almost certainly a scam.

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