Spade Style

Best way to move a tree? (Small)

I have personally transplanted dozens of small trees here in north Michigan and all have survived, many for myself and lots for customers.
If you go with the foot of soil to tree trunk inch in diameter you won't likely move it unless it is only a one inch sapling.
Remember tree roots generally extent to drip line or branch spread of tree so try to include that thought when starting your dig, use a tree spade style shovel as this will allow you to dig deep and angle your hole under the tree to connect to each slice into the dirt, you want to be sure to cut your hole completely around which will include small roots too so when you lift your tree it moves freely, if this is not done much of the roots native soil will come free which can slow it's take in a new location.
Pre dig recieving hole to a slightly greater size, if available line bottom of hole with clay to retain moisture, add some black dirt and mix with lots of water till you made mud, set tree in hole and fill back in but do not cover stem of tree, step on surface to stabilize the tree, water again and also every other day moderatly for two weeks or so.
Hint, if you have ashes from the burning of brush or from a wood stove these can be added to bottom of hole to provide extra potash to the soil.
It really helps. Also purchase and use a Ross deep root waterer for use on this sapling and the health of all your yard trees.
Good luck and have fun.

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