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my new skateboard ceramic bearings are leaking a lot of grease, should I be worried?

I bought them two days ago and they are leaking quite a bit of grease, is this anything to worry about?
we don't get a lot of terrorism here in Australia, I think I should be more worried about the ceramics, if I'm going 50 km/h and they stop spinning, they COULD actually kill me.

Not to insult anyone who has answered you but they are all wrong.

#1- If you are using a ceramic ball bearing on a skateboard you should be using a rubber sealed bearing. If you and they are leaking grease it means that there is too much grease in the bearing and it is being pushed passed the seals. This can cause bearing failure by allowing dirt to get into the bearing.

#2 - If you are using a ceramic bearing you should be using an oil lubricant and not a grease. This will alllow for more speed.

If you still insist on using a grease, the bearing should not be completely filled with grease. At most fill it about 2/3's.

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