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Help with higher physics on horizontal projectiles?

I am really struggling with a higher physics question can anyone help me?
The question is:
A ball attached to a parachute falls from a helicopter which is hovering at a height of 120m above point X. The object falls with a constant vertical velocity of 12m/s. A steady side-wind gives the object a constant horizontal component of velocity of 5m/s.
How far from point X does the object hit the ground?

I have been given 4 formulae to choose from they are: v=u+at, s=ut+0.5at², v²=u²+2as and d=vt

first work out how long until it hits the ground

d = vt
120 = 12*t
t = 10s

so the ball is in the air for 10seconds.

that means it will also be moving horizontally for 10s

d = vt

d = 5 (10)


the ball will land 50m from X

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