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KitchenAid Professional Mixer 600 Series Review

For Christmas this year I was lucky enough to receive a KitchenAid 600 Series. It has been a long awaited gift and this year the family all put in to get me the surprise. They purchased it on line for a great discount price not the usual price you would expect with a professional mixer.

The first thing I noticed when I received my gift was the weight of it. There definitely will be no jumping around the bench top with this mixer. The weight is actually due to the full metal gearbox and the casing. This mixer also has a very powerful 575 watt electric motor which again adds to the heaviness

A large capacity 6 quart stainless steel bowl ensures that you will always be able to mix large quantities if needed. The finish of my mixer was that of the high quality paint work on a car. I chose Gloss Cinnamon, a beautiful colour that complimented my kitchen

When you go to choose your colour you will notice that the different colours come with different price tags so check before you purchase

I am extremely proud to display my KitchenAid Pro 600 on my kitchen bench and it sits in a place well worthy of its stature remember if you purchase this mixer you will need to have space on the bench for it as the weight would make it too cumbersome to keep moving and why would you when you own such a beautiful mixer that you can display. I vas very impressed with the mixers performance. There are ten variable speeds for all your mixing needs. This machine holds and will mix fourteen cups of flour, with ease. You will also be able to bake your own bread with this powerful mixer, the dough hook makes the mixing easy and you are able to mix two loaves at a time. This mixer also comes with overload protection so there is no worries about quantities and the mixer overheating.

Included is a recipe book that helps you make the adjustments for recipes between this professional mixer and general mixers. The KitchenAid 600 has a bowl lift to make mixing easier. A wire whip that is great for making air-light cream, mayonnaise, meringues and anything else that whips up, a flat paddle beater for heavy mixes and a dough hook is included with this mixer, also a handy pouring shield.

A multi-purpose attachment hub comes with it for adding additional attachment such as an ice cream maker, a sausage maker a juicer plus more.

Now my Birthday and Christmas presents will be easy for everyone to choose with the array of attachments that are available. I fancy making my own sausages with my choice of herbs and spices.

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