Screw Counterbores

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Screw Conveyors – The Essential Food Processing Equipment

Screw conveyors are a great alternative to belt conveyors in food processing units these days. And rightly so! These are used in meat and poultry processing industries for conveying the byproducts or rendered products. Usually, these food processing equipment are made of stainless steel, however in some spare cases they are also made of mild carbon steel and other metals. Whatever metal is used in their making, it is essential that they do not contaminate the food and help in the proper maintenance of food hygiene.

A look into the different functions of screw conveyors would prove that they are in fact the most integral tools not just in the food processing industry but also in many other industry sectors. In some of the industries, they are used for conveying materials like top soil, saw dust, ash, and much more. As per their needs in various industry sectors, the screw conveyors can be customized to fit the specific requirements of their uses. They are available in a wide range of diameters, lengths and pitches and can be made from mild carbon steel or stainless steel.

Coming back to the use of screw conveyors in food processing equipment, it is to be mentioned that they are popular in this sector, because these can be cleaned and almost maintenance free. Moreover, they can be used easily for many incline and horizontal conveying requirements. Before getting any of these metal fabrication product, it is essential that you should look out for only those that fit your exact requirements. Accordingly, these are available in two varieties namely:

• Heated screw conveyor for special applications – especially designed for cheese manufacturers.

• Chilled screw conveyor for special applications – these are specially designed to chill/freeze diced poultry, meats or similar products.

So, what are the benefits of this
food processing equipment
? Well, it allows for hygienic operation, is easy to operate, to clean, and to maintain. Moreover, they are highly efficient and the compact designs available today allows for their high mobility and throughput.

Nowadays, you can get the screw conveyors of your requirements in the food processing industry from the online destination. This is because here you can get access to a wide variety of options in just one place. In fact, this is the best option to get any
metal fabrication
products for food processing units like stainless steel conveyor belting, stainless food dryer slats, cheese cutters, vibratory conveyors, hoppers, stainless steel let-down chutes, etc.

screw conveyors
and enjoy its multiple benefits.

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