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Knowing What to Do With a Broken Veneer

A dental veneer is among the most important inventions in dentistry. It is used to resolve various imperfections, improving both the appearance and function of the teeth. Depending on the material, a veneer can last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care. However, this restorative device is also prone to damage from pressure of biting hard food or objects.

If you broke you’re a veneer, immediately call the dentist for remedy. The broken veneer cannot be repaired at home as special equipment and compounds will be needed. Only a dentist or a dental technician can measure and repair the damage. Chip or fissure on the veneer must be consulted with a dentist right away to prevent it from growing beyond the repairable damage.

Do not immediately agree on replacements. Such an operation might cost more than simply applying a dental composite to treat the damage. Ask the dentist about the possibility of bonding the crack and be prepared for some side effects. Dentists will insist replacement over bonding, as applying composite may leave visible stain, which is not good on incisors.

If the damaged veneer is on one of the incisors, consider replacement over repair. This is a good idea when the veneers are 10 to 15 years old. A
sugar land cosmetic dentist
recommends replacing the veneers after that span to prevent further damage that will reduce its performance. The damage may even be the sign that the veneer already need to be replaced.

sugar land cosmetic dentist
has to grind the veneer to remove it from the surface of the teeth. This will require sedation and anesthesia and will probably take several visits to finish. If the veneer is made of porcelain, the dental technician will have to manufacture the new one in the lab before the installation.

For fast installation of veneers, choose composite veneers over traditional porcelain ones, which can be installed right away without the help of a
sugar land dental
technician. Composite veneers are hardened directly on the teeth after the existing veneers are removed. The process will only last for even less than 10 minutes if no issue needs complex treatment.

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