Sanitary Ends

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Sanitary tattoo shop environment - top 3 aspects that an sanitary tattoo shop should notice

The current popularity of tattooing and body piercing has also brought on an in-

crease in potentially hazardous conditions. For this reason, I am posting the follow-

sanitary tattoo shop environment
guideline of what to look out for (in this situation, “artist” refers to both tattoo-

ists and piercers):


The area must be well-lit so the artist can see what s/he is doing.

• Counter and floor space should be lightly colored, preferably white so dirt shows

up easier.

• The spray bottle the artist uses on your skin should be disinfected between cus-

tomers, or some kind of protective film such as Saran Wrap should be used.

Disposing needles:

All needles must be either discarded after EACH use (or at least

with each new customer), or autoclaved. Many body piercers operate out of small

booths and may not have spent money for an autoclaver, in which they MUST

dispose of each needle. NO EXCEPTIONS. Reusing piercing needles is equivalent to sharing IV drugs with strangers.

- Needles touching other things: The needles, once open from their sanitary pack-

ages, must not be placed on unsanitized surfaces. The piercer should NOT set

the needle down on the table, or, heaven forbid, DROP THE NEEDLE ON THE

FLOOR!!! If this happens, insist they open a new needle.


The artist must wash their hands prior to putting on their gloves, prefer-

ably with an antibacterial/antiseptic solution. Once they put their gloves on, they

should not touch anything other than your skin, the needle, and the jewelry. They

should not be filling out receipts beforehand, or answering the phone--unless these

have been wiped clean beforehand. ...

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