Sandpaper You

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Christians: are you Kleenex or sandpaper?

Here is an illustration my pastor gave: imagine you have bad cold. Your nose is runny and all red and raw. When you reach for a tissue, you want one of those good, soft Kleenexes, preferably the kind with lotion in them. Something comforting. But when you reach into the Kleenex box, you pull out a piece of sandpaper. You'll never buy that brand again, will you?

Too many Christians are running around portraying themselves as Kleenex boxes, but when people people reach in, they find sandpaper. Do you understand this, and which one are you?
Some nonbelievers who answered have served to help prove my point. Brothers and sisters, let THEM be the angry, bitter, abrasive people (when they choose to be). Keep your own hearts soft, remembering the love of Christ Jesus. And when they finally tire of their own bitterness, they will find us... ready to share the love of Jesus. Thank you to all who have answered.

On one side I am sandpaper. I am naturally abrasive. I've prayed for years for this to be changed, but God has shown me that this can be useful at the right time and place.

On the other side, God is weaving a softer, gentleness and tenderness. Compassion that can only come out of intense personal pain and God's healing from that pain.

God is skillfully teaching me to love others with the same kind of gentleness that He has. Honestly, I still do mess up and use the wrong side at the wrong time. But, by the grace of God, I'm getting better.

The sandpaper is supposed to be used to attack the sin, selfishness, and pride within myself. So God has kept it in my life to continually accomplish the work that He is doing.

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