Runner Welder

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Rosenthal Jeweler's Benefits of Having A Laser Welder

Laser welder is one of the must have of a jewelers shop. But we know what’s the question at the back of your mind, “How much will it cost you if you wanted to buy a laser welder?”

In Rosenthal Jewelers Supply, we all know that the cost of the material is one of the important things that you consider.

Well, in purchasing a laser welder it might cost you more than $13,000. But, do you know the benefits that you will be getting once you purchased one?

Rosenthal Jewelers Supply is getting great feedback upon clients purchasing a laser welder. According to them, it might be quite expensive but it is really the best move that they ever did. It was known as one of the best laser welder in the market. It makes their job easier; laser welders are used in soldering, retipping prongs, porosity and much more.

For example, a customers ring has cracks on it. The ring has an emerald, opal and diamonds around it. In order for you to fix it you would need to remove the stones to fix the cracks.

But with laser welder, you can fix that jewelry by soldering the ring and fixing the prong. If you will be doing it in a normal way that may take 3-4 hour job. But with laser welder you can fix the ring in less than 30 minutes. Aside from that, you also need to think about the benefit that your customers will be getting. Because you can fix more jewelry using the laser welder that means you can earn more money while charging the clients the same amount or more.

How to do it?

With Rosenthal Jewelers Supply, we will also provide you with repair book and the cost that you can charge the customers on repairs.

There are some things that you can also do using the laser welder and one of it is by using the laser welder in resizing a ring, isn’t that great?

So, what are you waiting for you can now visit Rosenthal Jewelers website for you to be able to know how to purchase the latest laser welder.

In purchasing one, you will be able to know how to triple your repair business in just 3-4 weeks without hiring additional persons on your jewelry shop.

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