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The Evolution Of Roller Skating

Many changes to roller skating have occurred in the last ten years and people have gone through an evolutionary change toward the sport. People used to go roller-skating because it was a fun sport that could be shared with many friends at one time and people loved roller skating at rinks because it was family fun that was also very affordable.

Roller skating has evolved into a competitive sport that is more about speed and daring than it is as a form of recreation. There are quite a few families throughout the United States that are still committed to keeping it a family sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family or just a few members of the family. Parents enjoy knowing that their children can get some good exercise from roller skating.

Children do not mind the exercise they get while roller skating with friends, especially if it means that they get to go to roller rink on the weekends. While they are there, they will probably be exposed to other evolutions of roller skating that have changed the sport into a competitive event that is widely used by people that train on skates for the Olympics. Inline skating is closely related to ice skating and the speeds that can be achieve with inline skaters almost mirrors the speeds that are achieved on the ice.

The evolution of roller skates in general has changed dramatically over the years. Roller skaters used to don skates with four wheels that required tightening with the help of a specially designed key. The wheels of roller skates were soft and allowed the skater to control their speeds with the aid of a rubber toed stopper which was mounted at an odd angle on the toe of each roller skate. The inline skates used by many skaters today require replacement about three times a year.

An aggressive style of inline roller skating is now the preferred method of skating at most roller rinks. For a nominal charge, inline skates can be stored from week to week and used by one individual throughout the year. The inline roller skates have soft leather uppers and fit tightly on the foot and ankle. The roller skates of the past left the ankle exposed, which ultimately cause many injuries to occur because skaters could run into them at any time out on the roller rink floor.

Modern roller rinks have incorporated the fast speed of inline roller skating into their sports programs. Roller skaters can participate in many racing events when they visit the roller rink during the evening time, and the winner of the races earns bragging rights till the next week. The management at roller rinks have offered prizes to the top winner of all events, and one of those prizes is often a brand new pair of inline skates.

All roller skaters must endure a learning curve and as they progress in their skating, they are likely to suffer many falls. It is not uncommon to see a novice skater hanging on to the sideboards of the roller rink floor or taking a spill that was caused by direct contact with other skaters. The niceness that used to surround roller skating has changed too because it is rare these days to see anyone offer a skater a hand up or give them an apology for running in to them. The art of roller skating is not lost, but it has changed so much that most adults are no longer willing to venture out on the roller rink floor without some sort of protection from the falls that occur.


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