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Dell Precision M6400 Review,Dell Precision M6400 Battery Specs

Dell's Precision M6400 laptop is a mobile workstation aimed at businesses needing formidable performance in a portable form factor. It's very expensive, but boasts an unrivalled specification and excellent quality.

Dell Precision M6400 battery specs:

Type : Li-ion

Availability: In stock now

Capacity: 7200mAh

Condition: New, High quality li-ion cells

Voltage: 11.1V

Color: Black

Dimension: 206*88.6*26 mm

Dell precision m6400 Battery


The 17-inch display features a glossy coating that stretches to the edges of the machine – a stylish design that's only let down slightly by the reflective finish. With a 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution, images are pin-sharp and it's a pleasure to work on.


Processor: Up to Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Core Extreme Processor

RAM: Dual Channel DDR3 (Up to 16GB)

Video: NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M graphics with 512MB dedicated memory, NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M graphics with 1GB dedicated memory

Screen: 17″ WXGA+ UltraSharp Display (1440×900) Resolution, 17″ WUXGA UltraSharp Display (1920×1200) Resolution, 17″ WUXGA RGB LED Back-Lit Display (1920×1200) Resolution, 17″ WUXGA RGB LED Edge To Edge Back-Lit Display (1920×1200) Resolution

Storage: Up to two hard drives in optional RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration, 7200RPM Free Fall Sensor-equipped hard drives up to 500GB, 7200RPM Encrypted FFS hard drives up to 160GB or solid state hard drive up to 256GB

Optical Drives: DVD-ROM, CD-RW/DVD, DVD +/-RW

Dimensions: 15.4″ x 11″ x 1.35″, 8.5lbs

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit, Windows Vista Business 32-Bit, Windows Vista Business 64-Bit, Windows Vista Ultimate with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Ultimate with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows Vista Business with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business with Downgrade Rights Service to XP Professional x64 Edition

Standout features

Scalable - Precision laptops are designed to
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power demanding applications. With capacity for two hard disks and a terabyte of data storage, Precision models boast more storage than is typically common in business laptops. Because they’re also designed to enable video, scientific and engineering tasks, the models support up to 16GB of RAM and can be built with a video card sporting one gigabyte of dedicated memory.

Performance - Precision workstations are fast. With 7200RPM hard disks, dual-channel DDR3 RAM, quad-core extreme processors and optional RAID configurations, the laptops easily outperform most corporate desktop PCs, not to mention most mobile PCs.

Warranty - Corporations will appreciate Dell’s limited hardware warranty, which covers Precision models for three years as a standard feature. The warranty provides for next business day replacement of faulty covered
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Connectivity - Numerous connectivity options are available on Precision laptops. They include: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.1, Ultra-Wideband, Next Generation Mobile Broadband, WWAN and GPS. Default ports include Firewire, four USB 2.0, VGA, DisplayPort, RJ-45, audio and eSata.

Security - Numerous security features help protect Precisions from unauthorized access. All the following are supported as standard or optional features: Smart Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, FIPS Fingerprint Reader, TPM 1.2, and the Wave Embassy Trust Suite. Further, the unit’s integrated wireless network card supports WPA, WPA2 and 802.1x with EAP and CCX 4.0 compatibility.

Expandability - Dell Precision laptops are members of the E-Family collection of modular components, which means any other E-Family docking station and other peripherals will prove compatible. Further, an 8-in-1 car reader, ExpressCard54 and PC Card slot are all standard on the Precision.

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