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How to remove cheap acrylic paint from a leather jacket?

I did this project for school a year or so ago, where i painted a leather motorcycle jacket with red acrylic paint, and id like to wear this jacket during the winter times..

So how can I remove all the acrylic paint without damaging the leather too much?

You could try warm olive oil or Murphy Oil Soap, it would soften the paint and condition the leather at the same time. You'll need to rub gently with clean rags until the jacket comes clean. You need to be persistent but be gentle enough that you don't scuff the surface of the jacket.

Be cautious with harsh remedies as they may also remove the original dye in the leather.

I've seen Goo Gone work successfully, however you'd need to test any chosen methods in an less conspicuous place first to be sure there wasn't any discoloration.

Also I'd recommend conditioning the leather afterwards to restore luster and shine to the jacket.

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