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CNC Cutting Machine - Oxy-fuel Cutting Machines, Plasma Cutting Machines

CNC profile cutting machine is useful to cut with oxy fuel as well with plasma.
CNC cutting machine
is used to cut mild steel, low alloy carbon steel, aluminum, brass metal plates and stainless steel. This is a powerful machine cutting faster than template profiler with plasma cutter. Shape cutting machine is used to cut the metals like steel, aluminum, brass plates etc in any shape like squares, circle, ellipse, stars or flanges or even can cut in irregular shapes as well in straight lines. Heavy duty shape cutting machine is a professional pillar type magnetic template profile cutting machine with robust multi shift production. Cutting machines are broadly segmented as manual cutting machines and motorized cutting machines. Manual cutting machines are light weight, portable and sturdy with anti corrosive and shock proof with heavy duty.

Portable shape cutting machine can be carried easily in car as the named it is very much portable and used to cut in irregular or straight line shape. This machine is light in weight with automatic cutting and welding. This machine is good for on field job work. The portable
oxy-fuel cutting machines
are cutting speedy with accuracy using less energy. This machine is very much useful in cutting the straight line metal or uneven irregular shape as per the requirement. These machines are categorized based on cutting capacities for different length and thickness. Portable
plasma cutting machines
are used to cut any metals as oxy fuel cutting or flame cutting machines are not effective for metal cutting like aluminum and stainless steel plates. This machine is useful in car restoration to avoid warping or burning the paint. These cutting machines are made from the heavy duty standard material for long time working without any distortion. Working accuracy for such machines are very high to give best result it can cut structured pipes in varied range up to 100 mm thickness. Heavy duty shape cutting machine can cut up to 1500mm in length in any shape up to 1300mm diameter. So if you are planning to go for cutting machines, there are wide range of products like CNC profile cutting machine, large heavy duty shape cutting machine, portable shape cutting machine etc. are available with customization, made from international standard tools for heavy duty and best performance for longer period.

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