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When people say they "got fired"....Does that necessarily imply that they got terminated for poor performance?

This was my understanding:

Normally, when someone is terminated because the company can't financially afford them,
the proper term is "laid-off."

If someone is "fired," that implies it was their own fault; fired for poor performance, fired for slacking off.

Is my understanding accurate?

cause I've heard other people say "They got fired" in a context that their employer can't financially afford them. are those people using that phrase incorrectly?

Being "fired" or is a colloquial expression that means that employment was terminated by the employer. It doesn't necessarily mean poor performance. You could be fired because they didn't like your haircut. But it is a verb that implies unilateral action by the employer and it has a negative connotation, as does "discharged." If you were "laid off," the implication is that you were terminated due to business circumstances.

But people often use inexact language to describe things and employers are often less than candid anyway. I was taught never to use the words "fired" or "quit" if asked the "reason for leaving" on job applications. You were either 'laid off' or you 'left for a better job'

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