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Why does Hollywood remake perfectly good foreign movies?

I mean If they added a twist or something it would be okay. BUT NO. "Let the Right one in" was remade shot for shot into "Let Me In" and the new "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was a perfectly good movie. Why remake it shot for shot just to add a different language and actors?
I think it is just plain ignorant to spend Millions on remaking things without adding anything significant.

Because the vast majority of American speak only one language: English.

And the two alternatives for foreign films (dubbing and subtitles) are both unacceptable to American audiences.

Dubbing sounds amateurish, there is no lip synchronization, and the speed at which most other languages are spoken differ from that of English, so that the speaker doing the dubbing is forced to speed up or slow down his speech to fit the scene, resulting in odd pacing.

Subtitles, on the other hand, force the audience to take their eyes off the action on the screen to read the words below. That is a major distraction, and audiences don't like it.

So, the third alternative is what studios often opt for: they remake the movie in English.

This also has the advantage of allowing them to cast major American stars in the lead roles, giving the studios a much better chance of making a profit by attracting a large audience to the film.

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