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by Ronald Nussbeck

Nearly fifteen years after NASA's launch of STS 75 Space Shuttle Columbia mission TSS-1R, USMP-3 on February 22, 1996 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida answers are emerging as to what happened in space during the failed Tether science mission. The missions duration was to be 15 days, 17 hours with a Orbit Altitude of 160 nautical miles and a total distance to be traveled 6.5 million miles.

The crew of STS-75 consisted of Commander Andrew M. Allen, Pilot Scott J. Horowitz, Payload Commander Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, Mission Specialists Maurizio Cheli, Jeffery A. Hoffman, Claud Nicolier and Umberto Guidoni.

The Shuttle was conducting a science mission using a U.S./Italian Tethered Satellite system 12.1 miles long for measuring voltage generated across the Tether reaching as high as 3,500 volts. The gas from the satellite's thrusters interacted with the ionosphere creating a glow similar to a florescent light bulb or a plasma wake, this was created by moving a body through the electrically charged ionosphere. After the Tether broke away from the Shuttle it created a phenomenon caught on tape by the Shuttles CCD camera showing many unidentified flying objects (UFO's) circling the Tether and then moving away and over lighting storms in the upper atmosphere. See you tube (sts75 ufo's) and all related STS Shuttle mission videos on UFO's. These UFO's are not what you see filmed over Earths cities each day in photos and videos, these are the Bulk cruisers measuring 2 1/2 miles in diameter, the measurements were taken as these Crafts flew behind the Tether which acts like a ruler giving precise measurements.

On December 14, 2009 Nasa's Fermi satellite was flying over Egypt, the spacecraft intercepted a particle beam from a terrestrial gamma-ray flash which occurred over it's horizon. Fermi's Gamma-ray burst monitor detected the signal of positrons annihilating on the spacecraft, twice, some of the particles reflected off a magnetic mirror point and returned. Studies of lighting storms using high-speed cameras reveal a whole world of activity in the upper atmosphere that no one expected, anti-matter particles created high above ordinary storm clouds by bolts of lightings. These Terrestrial Gamma-ray flashes send beams of anti-matter arcing through the Earth's atmosphere in thunderstorms as high as 100 kilometers and are sometimes referred to as Blue Jets. It is now believed that as many as 500 or more Gamma-ray flashes happen everyday with thunderstorms coughing Positrons (anti-electrons) anti-matter up the Earth's magnetic field.

Over the last Ten years I have studied NASA video's of STS missions and the Bulk Cruisers seen in them showing the crafts stationary over thunderstorms producing Bolts of lighting, this has lead me to postulate why we have so many UFO sightings, is our planet something special? Is our planet one of only a handful in this section of the Milky way Galaxy that has large amounts of liquid water which produces mass quantities of thunderstorms and lighting with huge amounts of anti-matter fuel produced from them? Earth with 2/3 of the planet being water and NASA knowing most planets are waterless, at least in and around our solar system means traveling Aliens need Earth for fuel. Earth produces mass quantities of water vapor that forms high altitude thunderstorms that are needed for production of anti-matter. Many great minds have also postulated that Aliens would need anti-matter or a similar fuel to travel the Universe, the question was how do they get it, now we know? Collecting anti-matter is already being done by scientist today, for a group of advanced life forms this would be like humans going to our local gas station and filling up!

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