Oliver Automatic

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Automatic Paper Cone Machine with Online Drier

Ourmodern automatic paper cone plant can produce paper cones indifferent sizes as required. Paper Cones can be manufactured to suitvarious applications. The popular size of the paper cones in thepresent textile industry are 9°15', 5°57', 4°20', 3°30', etc.High Performance Automatic line produces cones with output upto 50Pieces per minute. Esteemed Customer's Base FullyAutomatic Paper Cone Production Line With On-line Drier: Highperformance machine with output up to 50 cones per minute Forstandard cone tapers such as 9 DEG 15',5 DEG 57', 4 DEG 20' & 3DEG 30' 'Gripper Winding System' Finger Touch Paper ReelLoader Easy Reel Shifter, Reel Tensioning Devices Rapidsettings and size changeover facility Latest type glueapplicator, Waste paper exhaust system On-Line printingprovision, Drier can be heated by steam & electricity or withmulti fuel boiler Our expertise in understanding what theclients want, helps us to meet their expectation levels in terms ofquality standards. This enhances our credibility and makes us one ofthe most successful manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Someof the countries, where our machines are profoundly used include: 
Mexico, Srilanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Thailand,Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Kenya, Zambia, Saudi Arabia,U.A.E., Brazil, Syria, South Africa, Iran, Libya, Ghana, Sudan,Russia, Bulgaria,Indonesia, USA.

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