Oiling Wall

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Curtain Wall Windows--What Is It And Do You Need One?

Curtain wall windows are a kind of façade that cover

the front of the building like a curtain. These structures do not bear any

building load; in fact, they transfer their own load to the building through

the connections at various floors and columns of the main structure.

Curtain walls are very much different from

storefront systems. Unlike the latter that spans across a single floor, the

former extends over multiple floors.  

Furthermore, several structural designs issues are taken into

consideration while erecting such windows like water diversion, thermal

contraction and expansion, building lighting, thermal efficiency, and building


In the past, curtain wall windows were primarily

made of steel. Nowadays, aluminum is widely used for the construction of these

windows. To impart an architecturally pleasing effect, the aluminum frame is

in-filled with glass. The glass infilling allows ample amount of sunlight to

penetrate into the interiors. This feature helps to conserve energy that is

unnecessarily spent on artificially lighting the interiors.

Another significant benefit of these walls is that

they efficiently protect the building from the ill-effects of nature. These

windows minimize erosion by proficiently working as a wind break. Moreover,

they also help to deflect a major portion of rainfall and thereby prevent water

from collecting into small cracks and crevices of the building and causing

irreparable damage.

Yet another noteworthy advantage of such walls is

that they help to conserve thermal energy effectively. By repelling cold winds

and letting sunlight in, these windows help to provide a bit of insulation and

in this manner, they reduce the load on the heating and cooling system of the


In nutshell, curtain wall windows are not just a

building design, but they are invaluable features that perform several useful

functions. For this reason, they are typically found in almost all commercial




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