Neodymium Ring

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some magnet questions?

say you wanted to build some sort of engine with magnets. you have a neodymium ring magnet and some sort of other cylinder type magnet put inside of the ring which was connected to an axle, that would spin a electric generator or something. why wouldnt this work? im not talking about electromagnets either, i know that works because the polarity switches. say that the clyindrical magnet in the middle of this device is cut unevenly or something so that it isnt balnced evenly and it can spin? i dont know, im pretty sure it wouldnt work, i just would want to know why not? if it couldnt work, would it be able to at least amplify the efficiency of a device if you flowed a little energy through the axle part to get it going? hmm.

I'm having a good day, only 4 questions about perpetual motion machines.

I don't understand the details, but bottom line: you can't get something for nothing. I'm afraid trying to explain why something will NOT work is very difficult, specially as I have a very poor image of it.

"amplify the efficiency" is still generating energy from nothing, not possible.

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