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magnetic flux used to generate power, Types & grades of magnets, changing magnetic flux to generate more power?

ok so if i put coils of wire between magnets the moving magnetic flux between the N magnet on one side and S magnet on the other side of the coiled wire will generate power, correct? If i wanted to try and generate more power would i need the magnetic flux to be stronger or weaker? Would stronger or weaker magnets be needed tp generate more power. Would using more magnetics generate more power? would using a certain type of wire for the coils help generate more power? what about using different types of magnets ( ferrite, SmCo, NdFeB, Neodymium magnets)?
also would a grade 8 magnet be stronger or weaker then a grade 3, what are the grades of magnetic showing? Any extra simple explanation of magnetic flux would be helpful as well, i don't understand it as well as i should
I know this is a really long multi part question but any help would be appreciated

If you move the wire between the magnets, or move the magnets, you will generate an electric current in the wire.

All of electromagnetism is contained in Maxwell's equations - one of which says that a changing magnetic field leads to an electric field, which can be used to drive electrons.

The rate of change of magnetic field is the important parameter here. If you have a really strong magnet and you move a wire through its field in 5 seconds, and then have a really weak magnet and move the wire through the field in 5 seconds, the stronger magnet will lead to a greater electric field and therefore a greater current.

However, a changing electric field leads to a magnetic field which opposes the original one, so in order to push your wire through a stronger magnet you have to push harder. You're not generating power, but the effort you're putting into pushing the wire through the magnetic field is being converted to electricity.

Using more conductive material or more coils will reduce resistive loss and improve your electricity output. Using a stronger magnet will also lead to more electricity output. However, to get more electricity output you have to push it harder, putting in more power.

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