Multilock Carbide

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Tungsten Carbide Rings That Symbolize The Term "Forever",especially "Never Worn"

Tungsten Rings That Symbolize The Term "Forever",especially "Never Worn"

Tungsten ring
, one of the
hardest materials available
, the most scratch resistant of any metal.
Tungsten rings
are made from from
tungsten metal
and Carbide powder which are forged together making the most desirable
polished ring
on the market.On its own, tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, with the highest melting point of all metals - 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Alone, tungsten is vulnerable to scratches and damage just like any other metal, it gains its extreme hardness by being combined with a carbon alloy, transforming it into
tungsten carbide

It is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel and almost impossible to scratch. The resulting metal can be designed into
tungsten carbide wedding band rings
that are both visually stunning to please the eye, durable enough to withstand everyday use and hypo-allergenic. These
will never loose their polish or tarnish . These
can only be damaged through extreme measures, such as abrasion from diamonds or being struck with a hammer.

Tungsten jewelry
shop is willing to offer you
tungsten rings that symbolize the term "forever",especially "never worn".
men's &
Women's tungsten rings
are durable enough for casual wear, yet brilliant enough to be a representation of lifetime commitment. Ranging from solid style
tungsten carbide rings
, to rings with precious metal inlays,5mm, 6mm ,7mm or 8mm, men's & women's, you will find the tungsten rings or
tungsten wedding rings
that perfectly represent you for a wedding, engagement, and complete your casual look in style.

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