Motorsports Helmet

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Can you identify these autographs?

This is a baseball I had signed by a bunch of members of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, AA for the Toronto Blue Jays. There are two signatures on the side that I've photographed. The top is John Tolisano, but I cannot for the life of me figure out who the bottom one is. If it matters, the man had dark black skin and looking through pictures of the team, I originally thought that it was Mike McDade (looked closest with skin color and face) but when looking at his signature online, it surely wasn't.
This was autographed opening night 2011 (April 7, 2011)

This next one was off of an MBNA Motorsports helmet (Green with a bunch of swirly patterns, says TRADIN' PAINT on the back), and is next to a Terry Labonte autograph. It is back from when Labonte was still driving the 5 car, because there is a 5 next to his name.

Here is the helmet

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