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mitutoyo digital vernier calipers gone crazy, help!?

i have a pair of 300mm/12' mitutoyo digital vernier calipers and when i press the origin button the thing zeros as it should but gives crazy dimensions (from -30mm up to 375mm) but in inches it appears to work fine, it has new battery's is clean and only a couple of years old.
what is wrong with it ?
can it be reset?

All electronic gadgets suffer from loose contact. so I would gently hit it, increasing the force till I am sure I will not damage the whole equipment. Risk is that it can internally develop loose contact where one did not exist earlier. Once a while the problem gets solved. I would think the problem is that your reset button is inactive (may be..) or some internal switch is not acting as it should.
You could also dry it and see if it had any humidity problem. Just dry it with a hair drier..or in Sunlight.

If you want to play safe, live with the small mercies. It is working in inch . So you can convert that to cms.

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