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2010-2014 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Bearings Industry

2010-2014 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Bearings Industry was professional and depth research report on China wind turbine bearings industry. this report has firstly introduced wind turbine bearings definition classification industry chain etc relation information. Then introduced wind turbine bearings manufacturing technology and process. At the same time, introduced key processes specifications and applications. And then Summary statistics of China major wind turbine bearings manufacturers 2009-2014 wind turbine bearings capacity production supply demand (mainly according wind turbine installations) shortage and wind turbine bearings selling price cost profit margin and production value. And also introduced China 11 major wind turbine bearings companies basic information, 2009-2014 all kinds of power (1.5MW 2.0MW 3.0MW etc) wind turbine bearings (main, pitch, yaw and gearbox etc) capacity production price cost profit margin and production value etc details information and wind turbine bearings market achievements in China. And also introduced key wind turbine manufacturers wind turbine installations and wind turbine bearings demand. Finally, this report introduced 1000sets/year 1.5MW wind turbine bearings project feasibility analysis and investment return analysis. also give related research conclusions and development trend analysis of China wind turbine bearings industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on China wind turbine bearings industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from wind turbine bearings industry chain (bearings companies wind turbine companies raw materials Suppliers government related agencies etc) related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Team survey and interview.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Wind Turbine Bearings Industry Overview 1

1.1 Definition of Wind turbine bearing 1

1.2 Wind turbine Bearing Distribution and Types 2

1.3 Application and Features of Wind Turbine Bearing 5

1.4 Classification and main purpose of bearings 8

1.5 China Wind Turbine Bearings Industry Situation and Prospects 12

Chapter Two Wind Turbine Bearings Technical Analysis 17

2.1 Wind Turbine Bearings Technical Overview 17

2.2 Wind Turbine Bearings Machining Process 19

2.3 Wind Turbine Bearings Materials Selection and Precision Grade 24

2.4 Wind Turbine Bearings lubrication and Installation 27

2.5 Wind Turbine Bearings Type Selection 31

2.6 Wind Turbine Bearings Damage Cause and Countermeasure 42

Chapter Three China Wind Turbine Bearings Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 2009-2014 47

3.1 China Wind Turbine bearings Productions Overview 47

3.2 China Wind Turbine Bearings Demand 49

3.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Turbine Bearings 147

3.4 China Wind Turbine Bearings Cost Analysis 150

Chapter Four Wind Turbine Bearings Key Manufacturers 152

4.1 ZWZ(Liaoning) 152

4.2 Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Co., Ltd.(Zhejiang 002122.SZ) 160

4.3 Luoyang LYC Bearing Co.,Ltd ( Henan) 165

4.4 DYZV(Dalian Pitch Bearings Yaw bearing) 175

4.5 SKF(Sweden) 179

4.6 FAG(Germany INA) 187

4.7 TIMKEN(USA Spindle Bearing XEMC Building project) 191

4.8 Xibei Bearing Co.,Ltd(Ningxia 000595.SZ Building project) 196

4.9 Rothe Erde(German Xuzhou) 209

4.10 Maanshan Fang Yuan Slewing Ring Co., Ltd(Anhui 002147.SZ) 211

4.11 Qiqihaer Heavy CNC equipment Co., Ltd(Heilongjiang 213

Chapter Five Wind Turbine Bearings Downstream Wind Turbine Manufacturers Analysis 215

5.1 Sinovel(Beijing 1.5MW 3.0MW) 215

5.2 Goldwind(Xinjiang 750KW 1.5MW 2.5MW) 237

5.3 DEC(600875.SH 1.5MW) 260

5.4 Mingyang(Guangdong 1.5MW 3.0MW) 276

5.5 Vestas(Denmark Tianjin 2.0MW 850KW) 287

5.6 GE Wind(USA Shenyang 1.5MW) 301

Chapter Six Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind Turbine Bearings Projects 308

6.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind Turbine Bearings Projects 308

6.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind Turbine Bearings Project 311

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