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what fuse do i replace to make the horn work in my jeep grand cherokee?

my horn does not work and interior lights dont either

With all due respect to pedro, on some vehicles, they're not all that well marked. If that's the case, I could probably look it up if I knew the year of your Jeep.

But usually, I don't even bother with that. What I do is use my 12-volt test light (available for as little as $3 at most auto parts stores) to probe the fuses (while in the fuse box) to find which one is burnt out.

Just find a shiny piece of metal to connect the alligator clip to, and start touching the probe to each end of the fuses. If the light glows while touching one end or the other, but not the other end, that fuse is blown.

If neither end of the fuse lights the tester, you probably need to turn the key on first, but that particular fuse should be live with the key off.

With a tester like that, I can check a whole fuse panel in less than a minute, which is less time than it takes to look up which one it's supposed to be.

Wow! Looking up a picture to show you one, I found that Amazon.com has one for $1.36! Hard to beat that.


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