Metal Bender

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I want to build a manual metal bender for light sheet metal ina small shop,where can I get instructions on how

Making a metal bender is not a small job, even if you had plans that you liked and a machine shop to use. It would take you weeks if not months. Just the fact that you can't do it without instructions says a lot. What you need to do is buy a new one from Harbor Freight and spend your time cleaning, deburring and rebuilding it. They're made in China and their workmanship is poor but they can be reworked into something good. All the nuts and bolts hardware is total crap and needs to be replaced for example. They have several to choose from starting at $120 for an 8" up to $1000 for a big one. I would recomend the 30" shear/brake/rolls combination for $400, item # 05907-8AMH, 308 pounds including crate I suppose. Do you really want to be cutting on 300 pounds of steel to save a couple bucks? Probably not. You can get a free catalog by calling 1-800-423-2567. Also check their website at Good luck.

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