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Did Emmet Kelly, Jr. own any of the Astin Martin cars made for the James Bond movies?

I was in the hospital about 1965-66 and was working on a model of the famous Astin Martin auto from the James Bond movie. Emmet Kelly, Jr. was touring the hospital and came into my room. He told me (through mime and writing on my istruction sheet) that 3 of these autos were made and that at the time he owned two of them. Was this true or just making a sick kid very happy?

In his spare time, Kelly was an avid model train collector and racecar enthusiast. But his first love was always portraying the lovable character that millions of people have come to adore.
Despite being raised around the circus, Emmett, Jr. chose to become an automotive mechanic and a railroad switch tender after the war.
It wasn't until 1960 (four years after his father retired) Emmett, Jr. was encouraged and trained by his father and debuted himself as "Weary Willie" at the Circus Festival in Peru, Indiana. He was his father's apprentice and guided by their manager, Leonard Green, for the next four years. He toured a daredevil auto show called "Austin's Motor Derby" during the night and would arrive just hours before the next show. In 1963 Emmett was the featured performer of the Hagen-Wallace Circus as they traveled nationwide

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