Machine Welder

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Psychics, test yourselves!?

Tell me as much as you can about me, given absolutely no information. Whoever can tell me the most accurate and preferably personal information will get the best answer.

If you impress me enough, I may contact you.
So far, people have just looked at the answrs i have already provided or just made up some vague stuff. Please continue trying, as I am curious if anyone here can prove to be a true psychic.

You're a left-handed myopic closet lesbian who's been married to an alcoholic machine welder for 20 years. Your 16-year-old daughter has been having unprotected sex with her 23-year-old crack-head boyfriend. Your 15-year-old son is a huffer and has been taken to the emergency room twice.

Did I forget anything?

Oh, right, you have a pet ferret named "Hansel."

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