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Best Bedding/Litter for Rats?

In your experience, what is the best bedding for rats? Don't say carefresh or wood shavings because I have used both of these before and I HATE them! I am really concerned with odor and liquid control...
Oop! I clicked the wrong thing, I meant to hit rodents!

I find the best bedding is recycled paper pellets. They're very effective for both odor and liquid control. To help with odor, you could also try wiping the inside of the cage down with vanilla spray vanilla sprays used in fridges. Make sure you get one that is mostly vanilla without artificial additives (ethanol/water is ok though).
I use a cat litter made of recycled paper pellets for my 5 rats and it's very effective.

Steer clear of wood shavings, they can hurt them - can irritate their respiratory tract and are associated with cancer.

You could also try litter training your rats and have a litter box that you clean more regularly.

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