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Is it possible to replace the label applicator, which is connected to the Wonderware InTouch 9.0?

I have Wonderware InTouch 9.0 which is connected to three instruments; they are PLC (S7), Bag Printer and Label Applicator (Markem). Is it possible to replace the label applicator with another one (Mectec) without changing or even touching the Wonderware InTouch because the company who installed the Wonderware is no longer existing? How?
If it is not, what should be done to the Wonderware InTouch to recognize the new hardware?

I have another question, can anyone tell me what instruments are recognized by Wonderware InTouch 9.0?

You will probably need to find a local system integrator or other Wonderware partner that offers the type of service that was offered by the company that installed Wonderware at your facility. You may be able to find assistance through the Wonderware web site. I don't think that your existing Wonderware installation will provide plug and play connectivity with the new applicator.

There must be many thousands of items that can work with Wonderware Intouch. You should probably contact Mectec to determine if the new applicator can interface with InTouch and how it is done.

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