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Enhance User Experience with Adaptive Agent Desktop

Too often, agent’s waste time hunting for answers to customers’ query and many a time come up with the wrong answer. Hence there is definitely a need to enhance the customer’s service experience. You need agents to provide the best possible resolution in the shortest amount of time.

Challenges faced by customer service agents are:

• Increase customer satisfaction with faster, more consistent service.

• Reduce call time and escalations.

• Shorten the time-to-effectiveness.

You need the right software solution that can fit into your current
environment and integrate with enterprise systems and agent desktops that produces a highly targeted, appropriate response to each inquiry. And with flexible options for on-premise or managed services implementation, offers a truly effective solution for delivering exceptional customer service while meeting the staffing, budget, and infrastructure needs of your organization.

Adaptive Agent Desktop
offers service manager’s full control over the experience in
customer service experience
and the agent has a clear view of the customer – including their history, contact information, resources, and relevant applications. Each of these factors can dynamically adjust and change the information that is displayed to the agent, whether it is transactional information about purchases, customer profile data, product details, company policies, scripts, or the agent’s to-do list.

Ways to Improve and Get Great Customer Service

Put Everything on a Single Dashboard -
Multiple knowledge retrieval aids including clarifying questions, dynamic interviews, topic search, search-term highlighting, and document summaries help agents quickly pinpoint the most relevant answer should be all in one place. Desktop-level integration tools allows to quickly build a single contact centre agent ‘dashboard’ that unites all these applications into a single screen and shares the data across them. This speeds access to key customer data, shortens call handling time, streamlines agent training processes and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

Share a Single Knowledgebase -
Customers should be able to share a single knowledgebase so that agents and self-service customers use the same information and guidance techniques. Entitlements appropriately manage access. A complete history of a customer’s self-service session accompanies escalated inquiries to eliminate redundant problem discovery.

Automate compliance -
Complying with company, customers or government legislation etc is a big challenge for agents and organizations alike. To track the activity of every agent to know that they following compliance requirements can be difficult. By automating agent workflows to meet the compliance requirements, streamline agent productivity, improve adherence to key compliance processes and track and report on compliance performance.

With proper
knowledge management system
software on the agent desktop, your agents can deliver consistent, accurate answers and advice without time-consuming searches or extensive training and raise contact centre productivity, at the same time improving the customer experience.

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