Jacobs Chuck

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Millrite vertical mill,milling machine?

Howdy Folks,
I just made a deal for my first mill.
Here is a note from a friend telling me about it.

Details on the mill: Millrite vertical mill. It looks much like a 2/3 scale BridgePort, enough smaller that it could be disassembled and moved to a basement. Not easily carried down the stairs, but winched down on some planks or whatever. Some tooling is included; a 5" vise with swivel base, milling cutter holders (brand new set), 3" boring head, Jacobs chuck. Power feed on the 'X' axis. I heard it run, and it's very quiet, Spindle is R8. It has a 3-phase motor, but a phase converter is included.

Does $1000 seem like a fair price for this mill?
Seems like a good deal to me.
I have two lathes that will be happy to see this mill.

Hi Alex,
My first mill was a Millrite, it served me very well for a number of years of hobby work and then
yet starting my business with http://www.aluminum-machine.com/productstype/milling-machine.htm mostly involved with milling machine for sale worldwide. If its in real good shape I would think $1000 would be a fair price especially if it has a vise and phase converter.
I think I paid about the same for mine almost 30 years ago. The only issue that mine had was with the knee screw, it had a lot of backlash, never really looked into it as it just wasn't a big issue and it was still accuate in the up direction.

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