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michael jacksons ghost!?!?

if you go to youtube and type michael jacksons ghost in house..they found a michael jackson shadow after he died in his house!!! LOOK it up and tell me if you see it!
IT is weird!!!!

search for CNN's video , its called something like "MJ ghost resolved mystery " ... i really don't remember .

But since the beginning its a quite stupid thing that of the ghost.
First , there is a huge window at that side of the room + video equipment including illumination , so you have plenty sources of illumination from that side.

2nd- haven't you noticed the "ghost of the chandelier" that just happens to be over "the ghost of MJ"

that's so simple a guy of the cnn team walking in front of the light source , just a simple human shadow. It seems that some people has never seen shadows before and prefers to believe some media trash and gossip.
I still cant believe this story went to internationall news and was broadcasted all over the world.

CNN even had to make a video explaining it . It was the shadow from a staff's member

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