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What is the main reason the Tigers have been down for so long?

Is there something wrong with the Club structure?

Club structure?, you must of watched the footy show last night, lol.

The club structure at Richmond, meaning the club itself is fine, we always post a profit at the end of every season and have done so for quite a few years now.

Other than that i don't know what you mean, the reason why we don't win as many games as we should is simple, we have 5 particular blokes in the side who kick the ball to the opposition every week, if you don't believe me watch when the following players get the ball. I always say, 'HERE WE GO, WATCH WHERE THIS ENDS UP"




JACKSON( gloried tagger who has no idea what to do when he gets the footy, watch him closely, don't be fooled by commentators saying he plays well every week)


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