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Whats a better workout biking or inline skating?

I want to become more physically active so I want to know what would be a better exercise over all for my body. Biking or inline skating?
Thank you for your answers!

Neither is a full body workout. If you are looking for full body, you would want to do some light dumbbell exercises with either of them and some to exercises the core.

Both primarily work the legs but inline skating also works the glutes more and the core muscles for the balance.
Both depend on how hard you push them for the level of exercise you get.
Skating is a little more work at the same speed.
Biking is more forgiving of bad surfaces.

Yes, I am biased but I suspect that the people who gave one word answers may have only done one of the two exercises you asked about.

A big part of your decision may be "what will I enjoy more or stick with?".

I have tried biking as exercise (also used it to commute during college) and found that I got bored with riding the same routes all the time. I would do it for a few months to a year and quit.
With inline skates, I can toss them in the car and skate with friends in many different areas. The social (most skaters are very friendly and love to have company) aspects, ease of action (putting the bike rack on a car and carrying a bike somewhere is more difficult), and variety have kept me skating on a regular basi for over 16 years.

If you need to purchase equipment, skates are a lot cheaper.

I can skate indoors in the winter.

I think you can guess my answer, but ultimately it needs to be a trade off of a lot of items with your personal balancing of them.

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