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Gutter Helmet Systems Expands into Northern New Jersey and Philadelphia Markets

Gutter Helmet Systems announces the expansion of their gutter protection business into the northern New Jersey and Philadelphia markets. Gutter Helmet Systems installs and services specialized gutter cover products manufactured by Southeastern Metals Company, a Gibraltar Industries Company. Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection products protect a home’s gutter system from leaves and debris while allowing for proper water management. The company also offers HelmetHeat, a self-regulating cable that is hidden within a Gutter Helmet panel, melting snow and ice from the eaves in order to help prevent leaks and damage caused by frozen gutters and ice dams.

The expansion is a natural step for Gutter Helmet Systems, which is already servicing parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania (including Pittsburgh, PA market for 10 years). According to Gutter Helmet Systems owner Del Thebaud, Philadelphia and New Jersey represent a “golden opportunity” for the company to expand. The area is located in the four season climate zone where falling leaves and winter weather create a need for gutter protection, the high density of single family homes in the region represents a large pool of potential customers, and there is a current lack of professionally installed gutter protection products. Gutter Helmet Systems is perfectly positioned to expand into that vacuum. With 15,000 existing Gutter Helmet customers in the Pennsylvania market and 20,000 existing customers in the New Jersey market, Gutter Helmet already has a significant brand presence that should make it a straightforward process to expand in both areas.

Gutter Helmet Systems’ expansion also represents a homecoming, as the northern New Jersey area was one of the original birthplaces for the Gutter Helmet brand. The brand launched in 1981 in the area and was originally very successful. Over time, however, dealers retired and the brand slowly lost traction, leaving a vacuum of gutter protection service. With the success of his business in the Maryland, Virginia and western Pennsylvania areas, Mr. Thebaud decided it was the right time for his premier dealership to offer service to the people of New Jersey, including servicing the existing Gutter Helmet customer base. With the expansion, Gutter Helmet Systems will be servicing the eastern Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Chester, City of Philadelphia, Delaware, and Montgomery, as well as the New Castle county of Delaware. For New Jersey, the expansion means the company will now service all of NJ (with the exception of Monmouth and Ocean Counties).

About Gutter Helmet Systems:

Gutter Helmet Systems is a full service dealership of Gutter Helmet products and services in the Mid-Atlantic areas of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia. Custom fitted by professional installers, Gutter Helmet installs right over your home’s existing rain gutters to offer gutter protection from leaves, pine needles, and other debris. With over 30 years of installation experience and over 60 million feet of Gutter Helmet installed in the United States, Gutter Helmet is America's most trusted brand in gutter protection.

For more information on Gutter Helmet gutter protection, please review the Gutter Helmet System website at http://www.harryhelmet.com or contact Delphin Thebaud at (410) 987-7180 or marketing(at)gutterhelmetsystems(dot)com.

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