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Why Would You Need An Extra Motorcycle Helmet?

Have you ever been on a motorcycle trip and realized that you really wish you would have brought that extra helmet along? I’m sure you have, and I can think of a number of instances myself when I wish I had a second helmet of a different type to wear instead of the one that I was wearing at the time.

One of the reasons why you would want an extra motorcycle helmet is because of the fact that there is a 95% chance for rain, and you are wearing a little dinky half helmet that only covers the top half of your head. If this is the only helmet that you have, you will certainly be in for a soaking. If you have a full face helmet along, you can simply put that one on and you will be good to go.

Another reason why you would want another helmet along is if you are riding along in the mountains and you suddenly realize that your face is freezing cold because the temperature dropped drastically. This could be the perfect opportunity to switch to the full face helmet that you have hanging on the back of your luggage rack, if you have one. You might be OK if you have a face mask or something along that you can put on to cover your face, otherwise you will definitely want the full face helmet.

On the flip side you might want to have a helmet along that allows for more breath ability, especially if you’re riding in the hot temperatures and are currently wearing a full face helmet that doesn’t have very good ventilation. Instead, you would want to wear a half helmet instead because they offer the most breathing room because there is less helmet enclosing your head.

So you see, there are plenty of situations that will present the perfect opportunity for bringing along a couple helmets on your next trip. If anything, you’ll have a little variety to choose from in case you get sick of wearing the same one all of the time.

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