Hat Sports

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Easter Meastery Puzzle #3?

Five elves will present themselves in costume at the party. In which order did each elf stand, wearing what feather in what color hat, carrying what prop and which snack? I can only accept answers in that order, please.

The elf in the Yellow hat carrired Fuzzy Dice, not a Magic Wand.
Dan stood between Asia and the Blue hat.
Terry, not Fred, brought Cookies.
The elf who brought Cupcakes wore a Flamingo feather.
The Purple hat came some time BEFORE the Red hat.
The Green hat was next to the Cupcakes.
Candy was served some time AFTER Nuts.
The Red hat sported a Cardinal feather, not a Chickadee feather.
The Purple hat was next to the Fuzzy Dice.
The Red hat was next to the Blue hat.
Fuzzy Dice were between the Cane prop and the Cardinal feather.
Chips were next to the Peacock feather.
Rosie was next to the Sword prop.
The Cupcakes were between the Oriole feather and the Peacock feather.
The Cane prop came some time AFTER the Guitar prop.

I hope this is right!! In order of first to last...

Terry-Oriole feather-Green hat-Guitar prop-Cookies

Fred-Flamingo feather-Purple hat-Cane prop-Cupcakes

Asia-Peacock feather-Yellow hat-Fuzzy Dice prop-Nuts

Dan-Cardinal feather-red hat-Sword prop-Chips

Rosie-Chickadee feather-Blue hat-Wand prop-Candy

Let me know if it's right!!

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