Grade Bearings

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Chanel Mens White 38mm (High Grade) - Swiss ETA 2824

Mid-term exams finally came,
Chanel Mens White 38mm (High Grade) - Swiss Quartz
I received honors teachers and students at home. Appreciated and encouraged teachers to apply for the eyes at me, the students looked at me with envy. I am even more confident ... ...

Four mid-term exams just ended, the applicant has been the future teachers to teach us, the students were talking about.
Chanel Mens White 38mm (High Grade) - Swiss ETA 2824
Some said she was gone on business, others said she could ill. I was preoccupied, and I miss very. Ten days after the day, Shen teacher suddenly came into the classroom. Teachers and students meet, exceptionally happy, as long-awaited reunion of old comrades. All eyes focused on the application on the teacher's face, saw she was thin, the pair have been stuck down to the eye in too deep, then draped over his shoulders for a long time on the picture has not combed, and pared the . I think she probably did it after the disease afflicted patients.

Have an opportunity, I eagerly asked my teacher: "A few days before the teacher did not apply to teach us, is sick?" "Yes, listen to Director Yang said, the applicant what the teacher had a disease, requiring hospitalization. But She only lived ten days to worried about your program, to give you a lesson ... ... "I could listen to them, my mind suddenly startled:" ah, Shen Teacher, you are so loved us, so cherish our time, but not his own heart. I must study hard and never let you down. "I thought to myself under the determination.

I remembered the saying: "Teachers like a candle lights others and burning their own."Ah, Shen teacher, you are a light to others and burning their candles, you really deserves to be a qualified engineer the human soul.

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